HETM - Mobile Track-and-trace

A mobile app connected to existing piece of bespoke software, written for track-and-trace use at hospitals across the UK, with a stop-by-stop to-do list for delivery drivers and traceability of van contents.


Our customer, Health Edge Solutions, are a leading provider of track and trace technology across private and public healthcare institutions in the UK.

The Health Edge software, built by us, tracks surgical instrumentation through decontamination and sterilisation.

The Problem

The Health Edge software tracks the instrumentation everywhere but during transit between the SSD and the hospital.

Instrumentation is tracked throughout the decontamination and sterilisation process, and once it arrives on site at the hospital, it is tracked through storage, use on a patient, and return to the Sterile Services Department. However, the application was not mobile, and so there was no way for delivery drivers to track the contents of their vehicle or see collections and drop-offs ahead of time.

This part of the process was completely manual, drivers having to complete paperwork before starting the route and at every pick-up and drop-off.

They also had no visibility of what needed to be picked up and dropped off, just taking whatever was ready to go regardless of priority.

Health Edge Transport Mobile App
Health Edge Transport Mobile App
Health Edge Transport Mobile App
Health Edge Transport Mobile App

The Solution

A mobile extension to the existing track-and-trace application in use at hospitals, with a stop-by-stop to-do list for drivers and traceability of van contents.

We developed a bespoke application for use by van drivers to digitise their job. Once they have loaded their van, each step of the process is recorded in the app.

The driver can; complete their vehicle checks, record arrival at each stop, check items into and out of the van, and add additional jobs to their route as required.

With this in place, the entire journey from decontamination to use on patient and return, its tracked by the Health Edge solution, meaning their customers can reply on complete traceability of all surgical instrumentation.

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